Mobile device with great utility software are focused programs that add a single, important feature to the device/OS. With the exception of games, there are more utility programs available for the Pocket PC and Smartphone than any other category of software.

You can enter text into a Pocket PC using Word Mobile or Notes, but equivalent applications are not built into the Smartphone. Fortunately, third-party developers offer a number of note taker applications. One of the better ones, Vieka WordPad, is available for free.

Smartphone's come with Internet Explorer built in, but because the display is so small, you end up doing a lot of scrolling to find what you’re looking for. The free utility SmartSCROLL makes it easier to quickly move around a Web page, forward to new pages, and more. Toggle View lets you change the look of the Smartphone’s programs menu to a list view. And CeleTast is a power task/process manager that lets you open, close, and switch between applications; check your power and memory status; shut down and reboot the Smartphone, and more.

A number of useful freeware utilities are also available for the Pocket PC. You occasionally have to perform a “soft reset” of your Pocket PC—the equivalent of turning it completely off and back on again. This is done by inserting the stylus tip into a small hole on the back of the device: doing it repeatedly with too much force can damage the reset function. SoftReset lets you reset the device by tapping on the program’s icon. Program- MenuPlus adds cascading menus similar to the Start menus of desktop PCs.

Finally, the Pocket PC has a built-in dictionary that suggests words based on the first few letters you type in. For example, if you’re typing a memo in Word and type in “des” a small box will pop up listing “designed,” “described,” etc. To finishing entering the word tap on the desired word in the pop up box. There is no built-in option to add words to this dictionary, but Word Completion Dictionary Editor lets you do so.


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