Create Custom ScreenTips for Shapes for MS Visio 2007
Shape ScreenTips in Microsoft Office Visio are the boxed text that appears when you point to a shape. Some Visio shapes have built-in ScreenTips—usually the name of the shape (such as the name of a workflow step). However, you can edit existing ScreenTip text or create new ScreenTip text for shapes that don’t have a built-in ScreenTip.
To create or edit a ScreenTip:
1. Select the shape.
2. On the Insert menu, click either Shape ScreenTip or Edit Shape ScreenTip, as applicable.
3. In the Shape ScreenTip dialog box, type or edit the ScreenTip text.
4. Click OK.

Monitor Out-of-Office Messages in Outlook
The first time you send an e-mail message to someone who has turned on his or her out-of-office notification, you'll receive an automated email message to inform you. At times, it's crucial that you see this notification so you can resend your message to someone else. By creating a rule that triggers a desktop alert, you'll spot out-of-office notifications as soon as they arrive. By adding extra conditions to your rule, you can also automatically mark an out-of-office message as read, and then move it from your Inbox to a different folder for later reference. This way, the next time you're unsure when someone will return from a vacation, for example, you can simply refer back to the out-of-office message that Microsoft Office Outlook automatically filed for you.


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