1. A Tidy Registry
If you’ve had a Windows Vista installation on the go for a while, it’s likely that your maze-like Registry contains a large amount of spurious and irrelevant information. Windows Vista will generally be a lot happier and faster if this information is as streamlined as possible, so a program that’s designed to remove such detritus can really speed up the process. It also means you won’t risk breaking everything by diving in there yourself. Eusing Registry Cleaner or CCleaner is an excellent choice.
2. Remove useless files
Disk Cleaner, CCleaner or windows default disk cleanup are very useful to remove useless files. It scrubs long-redundant temporary files from your hard drive, often left there by application installers and web browsers such as Internet Explorer and Firefox, in order to free additional space. if you’re using a laptop or desktop with limited storage space then this could come in very handy. There is one more benifit too, the fewer files there are on your hard drive, the faster your antivirus or anti-spyware scans will be. Many users also prefer Wise Registry Cleaner, Wise Disk Cleaner is free to use, but with certain ‘PRO’ features disabled.
3. Destroy spywares
Malicious and unwanted software makes its way onto most machines sooner or later. It pays to hunt down these programs once in a while, as they can sap system resources all the way from internet bandwidth to RAM and CPU time. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is our favourite tool since it’s fast to search with it and generally very effective, but it’s worth running several packages to cover as many bases as possible. Check out Ad-Aware and SUPERAntiSpyware as well. Some good freeware programs are also available like AVG Free edition.
4. Forget fragmentation
The more you write to your hard drive the more scattered everything becomes. It may look as if your files are neatly tucked away in folders, but in reality they’re sitting in physically separate places, filling any gaps left by deleted files. This means your drive has to waste time seeking each part out. Windows Vista can already do a pretty good job of defragmentation, but the excellent JkDefrag finds chunks of data to shuffle even after a full run of the built-in tool.
5. Remove ‘free gifts’
Just bought a PC from a big-name manufacturer? Somewhat annoyed that it’s full of intrusive ‘bonus’ software that you don’t want or need? We’ve all been there. Thankfully, there’s a program to help. PC Decrapifier is an application specifically designed to get rid of the bloat that certain system builders install – everything from unwanted 30-day trials of software you won’t use to cleverly enforced web-browser branding is easily removed. The package was originally directed at Dell machines only, but it’s been expanded to run the gamut of preinstalled rubbish.
6. Perform a tune up
Ultimate Windows Tweaker is a package filled with cunning and obscure tweaks that can significantly speed up your day-to-day Windows Vista operations. It includes hundreds of minor & major alterations that make your PC run faster both under the hood and in terms of your own efficiency.
7. Use what’s built in
Windows Vista includes better tools than ever to keep your system in tip top shape. located at Control Panel > System and Maintenance. You can also switch off indexing, which will slow down searches but improve overall performance. Just right-click your C: drive, choose Properties, then uncheck Index this drive for faster searching.
8. Stay up to date
The best way to keep Windows Vista in good shape is pretty obvious – just keep it up to date with the latest patches and fixes using automatic windows updates. It isn’t just security tweaks that get rolled out with Microsoft’s updates: fixes for flaws in its internal sprockets trickle down too, which can help prevent crashes and slowdowns. Make sure you have automatic updates switched on by going to the Control Panel, opening the Security section, and clicking Turn automatic updating on or off.
9 Do it all at once!
There’s nothing that says you have to install a host of different packages. We’re trying to streamline Windows, not add mounds of software to it! Glary Utilities & Tuneup Utilities is the best jack-of-all-trades package we know of. It does an incredible amount, from advanced disk management and cleaning to constant system monitoring, and managing your RAM and processes so that Windows Vista runs at peak efficiency.
COMPLETE TOOLKIT Fix and optimise your system with this fantastic all-in-one toolkit, they are not freeware.
10. A Good Defence
Don’t forget that Windows Vista has its own built-in spyware detection tool, Windows Defender, which will look after your PC and keep system-hogging spyware away. Double click the Windows Defender icon in the Control Panel to switch it on.


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