Cult of Mac’s Leander Kahney was approached by a hacker looking to sell access to Steve Jobs’ personal Amazon account “with all his purchase/interest details for 6-7 years.”

The hacker going by the handle “orin0co” claims to have phished the Apple CEO in a new trend called “whaling” or “spear phishing.” Instead of sending out millions of spam emails, “whaling” instead focuses on trying to phish high-worth victims like well-known CEOs and celebrities.

Jobs has purchased 20,000 items from in the last 10 years, the hacker says. That’s 2,000 items a year, or more than 5 items a day, every day.

If true, a successful phishing/whaling attack on the Apple CEO could prove embarrassing in light of Apple’s position that Mac’s are less susceptible to “viruses, crashes and headaches” which the company touts in its new television commercial “Elimination.”

A screenshot purporting to show Steve Jobs' account

As proof of the attack “orin0co” includes a screen shot (above) that apparently shows him logged into Jobs’ account. But we all know that it’s easy to fake a screenshot.

The attack has not been confirmed by Apple or by Amazon and there are some questionable parts of the story, but it’s an interesting read nonetheless.

Source ZDNet Blogs


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