Every day is Earth Day

Every day is Earth Day

Save time, energy, and the environment

Technology takes energy. And Microsoft is using technology to find ways to save it. Find out what's going on worldwide, and how you can use technology to conserve energy at home, in your community, and at the office.

One planet, OneNote

One planet, OneNote

Reduce your environmental impact with OneNote

Capture all your e-mail, notes, documents, and Web pages in a single, paperless location.

Love OneNote? Join the blog community

Check out this blog to see what OneNote users are raving about.

Use OneNote to share information with your team

Reduce your e-mail and SharePoint time. Michael Oldenburg shows you how by using a shared notebook in OneNote 2007.

Pitch in, throw out, back up

Where to recycle almost anything

Find a recycling center in your neighborhood to dispose of everything from motor oil to computer monitors.

Get the most you can from your computer

Maintain your PC without the worry. Set up an automatic maintenance plan.

Clean your computer regularly

And save costly maintenance fees later by following Millman's guide to a spotless computer system.

Save energy

Lost and wasting gas?

Mapping programs help you find the easiest routes to meetings and appointments with the same precision you orchestrate your family trips.

What's the key to fuel efficiency?

Check out this blog to find out how to save money and this precious resource.

How green is your PC?

Download this free tool to help actively control your PC's energy consumption, reducing your household's carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

Cool free downloads

Microsoft Assessment Configuration Pack for ENERGY STAR power management

Microsoft_Green is using Twitter. Join today for free.

Tune in to Office podcasts for the latest tips

Try Windows Home Server for free: Protect, connect, and organize digital media on your family PCs


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