When it comes to Facebook, security always seems to be a problem. This time, hackers have managed to steal passwords of 200 million users through phishing scam as reported by Reuters. Facebook spokesperson Barry Schnitt said the site was in the process of cleaning up damage from the attack and also blocking compromised accounts.
Looks like Koobface and Dancing girl, weren't enough to teach Security lessons to Facebook.

Targeted Facebook users were sent an email message that asked them to click over links to fake websites - www.151.im, www.121.im and www.123.im that had fake domains. On clicking on any of these sites, a Facebook-like login page would appear. Apparently, the phishing attack becomes success when user enters login credentials into that fake Facebook login page. Facebook in turn deleted all references to these domains.
According to Schnitt, Facebook's security team believes that hackers intended to attack large number of accounts which later would be used for spamming about pharmaceutical products.
Facebook users are requested not to open any suspicious emails from unknown Facebook accounts asking you to visit any social networking site.

Source | Techtree.com


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