Want some entertainment on the run? Windows Media Center can copy recorded TV shows to a variety of portable devices, including Windows Mobile phones, Zune media players, and many third-party players with the Certified for Windows Vista logo. Now TV is no more bounded at one place.

How to Copy Shows to Your Phone or Portable Media Player

It’s easy to copy recorded TV shows to a Windows Mobile phone or any of dozens of portable media players. In fact, the process is the same for both. However, most phone users will probably need a memory card with at least a few gigabytes worth of available storage, which will likely be needed to hold a TV show.
To copy shows to your mobile device:
1. Connect your device to your PC.
2. Start Windows media center.
3. Scroll down to the Tasks menu, then over to Sync.
4. Choose your device. If it’s a media player, its name should appear. If it’s a phone, you may see multiple choices, such as “Internal Storage” and “Memory Card”. Make sure to choose the latter.
5. You see a long list of items you can sync with device. Click the “X” to each one until they’re all gone.
6. Click Add more, and then click Recorded TV.
7. Uncheck the boxes next to the shows you don’t want to copy, and then click save.
8. Click Start Sync, Windows Media Center will notify you when the conversion and copy processes are done.


Keep in mind that Windows Media Center has to convert your recorded shows to a video format that’s compatible with your phone or media player, a process that can take time, upwards of an hour per hour of video. So the first time out, it’s probably a good idea to sync just one show so you can get a feel for how long the process takes and how much storage each episode will consume

TIP: If you plan to copy multiple shows, start the process at night before you go to bed. The conversion should be all done by the time you wake up.

NOTE: If you’re copying TV shows from Windows Media Center to your Windows Mobile phone, you can copy shows that were broadcast within the past week, or the past three episodes of any series you’re recording. You won’t be able to copy shows that are protected from being copied.


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