May be Kumo won’t be the final new name for Microsoft’s “Live Search” after all. “Bing” also still seems to be in the running.

Microsoft was considering three new names for its Live Search engine. Those three were “Hook,” “Bing,” and “Kumo.” After the LiveSide.Net sleuths discovered that Microsoft had taken control of the Kumo domains, it seemed almost certain that Kumo was going to be the new name.

According to a “Who Is” search, Microsoft is now listed as the registrar of the “” and “” domains. (It looks like Microsoft might have made its ownership public around March 4, according to information on the Who Is site.) Microsoft is redirecting a bunch of its own servers to point to Bing, as well.

(Microsoft still also owns the Kumo domain names. iGenesis Limited in Hong Kong owns “”)

The Softies have been calling “Kumo” a code name for the past month or so, but few believed that the company wouldn’t also make Kumo (which means “cloud” or “spider” in Japanese) the final name.



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