The ASUS Eee PC 904H and 1000H netbooks are priced at Rs. 26,900 and Rs. 29,990 respectively.
After having launched the first generation ASUS Eee PC in January, ASUS has come out with the second generation EEE PC models - 904HD and 1000H - in India.

The ASUS Eee PC 904H and 1000H netbooks are priced at Rs. 26,900 and Rs. 29,990 respectively. Both netbooks will be available through major retail outlets.

The second generation has refreshed versions of both hardware and software, for basic computing and Internet-related tasks like web-browsing, emails, chat, VoIP, social networking, etc

According to Benson Lin, General Manager for Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, "We found that Indian users would like to have big capacity hard drive after selling over 10000 first-gen EEE PCs so far. Hence we worked on strategy to roll out second-gen EEE PC models carrying hard drives in place of solid state drives (SSDs). Our targets are any normal user looking forward to buy a basic computing system that is portable, powerful, light and of course, low-priced."

The new EEE PC 1000H model features 10-inch screen, powered by Intel Atom processor, sports Microsoft's Windows XP Home Edition, while the 904HD model has 8.9-inch screen, powered with Intel Mobile (Celeron M) processor running Windows XP Home Edition. Also these new models score over first-gen EEE PC models with a better processor, bigger storage with HDD instead of SSD, Windows XP Home, one GB RAM, larger screen-keyboard-touchpad, better WiFi chips, built-in webcam and 6-cell batteries.

"Besides storage, we've also managed to increase the battery life up to 3-7 hours using our Super Hybrid Engine Technology with 6-cell batteries that no competing product has currently.
The keyboard layout is 95% to those on regular laptops and also has quick launch option keys provided below touch pad.", Stanley Wu, Product Manager, Notebooks and EEE PC for ASUS India said.

The screen resolution of 1024x600 (WSVGA) has been optimized for both models 904HD and 1000H though each of them has a different screen size.
Gopal Swaminathan, General Manager for OEM business, Intel, mentioned, "ASUS offers exciting hardware bundling widely use Microsoft XP to run on Intel's smallest mobile processor family - Atom. Built with latest 45nm process Intel Atom has totally different architecture that consumes lowest power, is as much as penny in size and of course, at low cost."

The 1000H model has Intel Atom processor with clock speed of 1.6 GHz while 904HD carries Intel Mobile (Celeron M) processor with clock speed of 900 MHz. Buzz on the web and silicon industry has been about the 32nm chips announcement made by Intel CEO Paul Otellini.

On asking whether Intel's upcoming 32nm processors will be part of future Eee PC versions, Swaminathan clarified, "Intel works tick-tock model where tick refers to shrinking the processor and tock is changing the architecture. What Intel mentioned about 32nm chips is part of our long term visions and they of course will have roadmap refreshments. About the 32nm chips, vendors are still working on the machine that makes 32nm processor. Based on the updates from these machine vendors we share our future commitments."

About the future EEE PC versions Lin confirmed that ASUS is working on multi-touchpad and touch screen feature but seemed skeptical about releasing such models in India. Wu also shared plans to bring Asus R1E tablet to India that by the end of September.


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